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BBQ dinner party

Just because it’s a barbecue doesn’t mean you’re limited to steaks and bangers; not that there’s anything wrong with them.

But you can cook all sorts of interesting fare on the modern barbecue and there’s no reason why a terrific dinner party can’t be cooked on one.

B (2) C (6) F (2) G (2) P (3) S (1) T (5) V (2) W (1)
  • Tandoori Spatchcock


    Here's another short cut using MASTERFOODS Tandoori seasoning, instead of combining half a dozen dry spices yourself.

  • Tiramisu


    No, you don’t cook this on a barbecue. But it’s a beauty because you can make it early in the day of a BBQ dinner party and it’s done and out of the way. There is something really sexy and grown...

  • Tuna With Tapenade & Beans


    Tuna is probably the best fish on a barbecue. It is dense and meaty, holding together really well. A salty, garlicky tapenade is a perfect accompaniment. You can buy tapenade ready made, but you'...