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  • Sesame Lamb Cutlets


    These need watching while they're cooking and you need to get the temperature down or the sesame coating will burn. They are really yummy, sweet treats, either as a main course or a delicious...

  • Shells In White Wine & Garlic


    You can serve this with pasta or without. It's simpler sans pasta, just with crusty bread and lots of crisp young Riesling or Semillon. It is such a wonderfully easy but delicious dish. You can...

  • Six Hour Lamb Salad


    Really slow cooked dry rubbed lamb is delicious with baked vegetables, but lighter and just as yummy with a salad. You could go more middle eastern with harissa, labna (drained yoghurt, but sounds...

  • Spicy Pork Tortillas With Salsa


    This recipe works in the tortillas with a salsa, or in slices, served in its own juices with a wild rice salad and a nice sharp dressing. You need to prepare the pork the night before or the...

  • Steak & Bbq Sauce Rolls - The Hard Way


    There's not a thing wrong with your traditional steak sambo topped with plenty of MASTERFOODS barbecue sauce. This is a variation where the steak gets a quick dry rub and then has a dip in the...

  • Steak Diane (pronounced 'doi-anne')


    This was about as swisho as things got back in the fifties, cooked at the table by waiters at Sydney and Melbourne's poshest restaurants. You can't make the sauce on a flat or char grill, and...

  • Steak With Herb Butter


    Some herb butter is a very handy thing to have in the fridge or freezer. It jazzes up a plain piece of steak, or fish or bland chicken, whether you barbecue, grill or pan fry them.

  • Sweet Plumb Pork Fillet Steaks With Zucchini


    Get a taste of the other white meat (and no, we don't mean Panda) with these tasty pork medallions marinated in a favourite oriental flavour.

  • Swordfish With Chunky Caponata


    Caponata is a lovely sweet and sour Italian vegetable salad that works as a dish in its own right as part of an antipasto spread. Here is a version with the vegetables cut into chunkier pieces...

  • Tandoori Spatchcock


    Here's another short cut using MASTERFOODS Tandoori seasoning, instead of combining half a dozen dry spices yourself.

  • Teriyaki Beef


    This is one of children’s favourite dishes at Japanese restaurants, especially when it has too much sugar. You can use thinly sliced beef and cook this as a stir fry or use 1cm thick pieces of...

  • Teriyaki Beef Balls


    Sounds like something you picked up on shore leave in Guam, but tastes like something you'd find in fine restaurant. Quick and easy to make, they mix perfectly with some Asian greens or a rice...

  • Thai Beef Salad


    This poor dish has been bastardised by more baggy-arsed 'chefs' than most others that you can think of. At its best it is a rich (the steak), lively, beautifully balanced dish- the classic Thai...

  • The Aussie Breakfast Fryup


    What needs to be said? It's Sunday morning, you don't feel too crash-hot and you need to get some meat into your system. Put on the sunnies, fire up the barbie and treat yourself to an Aussie...

  • The Aussiebarbie.com.au Barbecue Spice Rub


    Our sponsor MasterFoods make several quality spice mixtures ideal for dry rubs and marinades. But at aussiebarbie.com.au we thought it would be good to mix a signature blend for ourselves. This...

  • The Great Aussie Hamburger


    Some things are sacred. The Australian hamburger is one of them. There is nothing wrong with other sorts of burgers, there are lots here at aussiebarbie.com.au, but none pretend to be the real...

  • The Mixed Gorilla


    With everyone telling blokes what they can and can't do, one of the simple pleasures in life has all but disappeared- the mixed grill. For generations the mixed gorilla was the standard fare of...

  • The Perfect Steak With Herb Butter


    Cook the perfect steak and then jazz is up with some home-made herb butter. First find a fabulous piece of meat. Wagyu, organic, grass or grain fed. Just good meat. As for cuts, I like sirloin...

  • Tuna With Tapenade & Beans


    Tuna is probably the best fish on a barbecue. It is dense and meaty, holding together really well. A salty, garlicky tapenade is a perfect accompaniment. You can buy tapenade ready made, but you'...

  • Turkish Shish Kebabs


    The world's most famous kebab. This version uses yoghurt in the marinade that needs at least twelve hours to work its wonders. The vegetables go on separate skewers because they will cook quickly...

  • Veal Cutlet With Three Colours Of Capsicum & Balsamic


    Here's another 1980's bistro fave that is still simply delicious and all of ten minutes work, start to finish. While it is quite flash, this is a great school night recipe. It's all about buying...

  • Veal Fillet with Burrata



    You might have to hunt to find real veal fillets, but they’re worth the effort.

    Burrata is a super creamy cow’s milk cheese, sort of a super premium mozzarella which is being...

  • Veal Fillet With Peas And Leek In Rosemary Cream


    This is a delicately flavoured sort of dish for a barbecue, but makes a nice change, especially in spring when peas come back in season. Veal fillets aren't easy to find but are worth the search...

  • Veal Scallopini With Seafood Sauce


    Yep, meat and seafood on the same plate is generally an abomination, but we're barbecuing so let's ignore the 'rules'. What we're doing here is just some quickly seared veal topped with a rich,...

  • Veal T-bone With Rosemary And Lemon Dressing, Asapargus Banua Cauda


    A fantastic dish from Otto chef James Kidman.