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Beef And Beetroot Rissoles

Type of Dish: Appetiser, Main
4 - 6
Prep Time:
20 min
Marinating Time:
Cooking Time:
10 min
Primary Ingredient:
Best Suited for: All Occasions, Big party

You can make these bite sized as a nibble before the main event, or make large, thick patties that are the main event themselves. A kilo of mince goes a long way, but you can make even more, they're delicious straight from the fridge for days and highly recommended for hangovers.

Goes Well With


  • 1
    Premium Beef Mince
  • 1
    Brown Onion
    finely diced, softened not browned, in a little butter in a pan, then cooled.
  • 1
    fresh cooked or the sliced canned variety (this is for a barbie, not entertaining royalty)
  • 1
    rinsed and finely chopped. the tiny ones preserved in salt are better than the big ones in brine from supermarkets.
  • 4
    Egg Yolk(s)
  • 0
    Frying Oil
    a neutral oil like peanut or canola.


  • 1 Thoroughly mix all ingredients except oil in a large bowl with your hands, season well with sea salt and black pepper.
  • 2 Roll the mixture into balls the size of a walnut and flatten a little with your hands, or make them the size of thick hamburger patties.
  • 3 Pour plenty of oil on the flat grill and fry the rissoles over medium heat so they cook through without burning.
  • 4 Drain on paper towel.
  • 5 They can be served with a simple dip of sour light cream, chopped dill, black pepper and a little lemon juice.

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