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  • Kimbo's Blog - Oct 08

    Great BBQ features, my new book and some outstanding Tassie tucker...

    The 8 page BBQ feature is in The Daily Tele, Courier Mail and Herald Sun today with the chance to win great prizes from Sunbeam and Masterfoods as well as a copy of my next book, The Great Aussie Bloke’s Cookbook. The first book, The Great Aussie Barbie Cookbook (creative titles, huh?) came second in the Food Media Club awards last week, having already come second in the Gourmand world cook book awards- which...

  • Kimbo's Blog - Sept 08

    Some much on, so little time - but all of it damn tasty!

    Food everywhere at the moment. Went to the NSW restaurant and catering awards last night (no category for the barbie or we’d be a shoo in) and Quay won its third big title in as many weeks, which makes life a little easier at home as my missus does their PR. Spent the weekend in Brissie to see the rugby - at least the food was good. I enjoyed the cooking of former Rockpool chef and Brisbane aussie barbie cooking teacher Mark...

  • Kimbo's Blog - Aug 08

    Looking forward to the forthcoming barbecue demonstrations in Harvey Norman Stores. Great restaurants getting it so very right!

    We’re in training for the Aussie Barbie/Sunbeam barbecue demonstrations in Harvey Norman stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane during September and October. As well as showing you how to knock out the perfect steak, we’ll be doing Turkish shish kebabs, Chilli prawns on the wok and my current fave, the ‘back the front’marinated rump. Speaking of steak...

  • Kimbo's Blog - July 08

    Food focused week, Starting with a trip to Melbourne to talk about obesity and diabetes. And making sure i ate for Australia while i was there!

    It has been a very food focussed week starting with a trip to Melbourne to sell the study into obesity and diabetes and their effect on the food industry (no laughing at the irony of 112kg of me presenting this). Naturally I ate for Australia while I was there, the best meals being at Maurice Terzini’s latest success at the casino and the...

  • Kimbo's Blog - May 08

    A very big week it was too. Shot a heap of videos for the website on Wednesday all about how NOT to cook all sorts of things on the barbie. Highlight for me was working with the lovely Renee Slansky, Inside Sport’s model of the year who camped her role up fantastically.

    A family trip to Melbourne saw business pushed quickly aside for some serious fang work. Flower Drum on Thursday night was as good as ever, but breathtakingly expensive now. Friday lunch at Press Club; very good...

  • Welcome To The Brand New Aussie Barbie Blog

    Being a technical dinosaur, blogs are a new toy for me, but I’ll do what I can and talk about food a lot.

    Welcome to the first aussiebarbie blog! Being a technical dinosaur, blogs are a new toy for me, but I’ll do what I can and talk about food a lot. Hopefully I can give you some useful barbie ideas and plenty of news on restaurants and food around the country. I’m not sure whether it is good news or bad, but The Great Aussie Barbie Cookbook by yours truly just came second...

  • 10 Commandments of BBQ

    1. Thou shalt not cook when you’re cold

    Always bring meat back to room temperature so it cooks evenly

    2. Thou shall rest after barbecueing

    You can rest later, but a steak needs a few minutes somewhere warm for the juices to settle back in the fibres of the meat- longer for roasts

    3. Thou shalt not torture the steaks

    Turn your steak once, not twice and certainly not twenty times if you want a nice caramelised crust on it


  • How Not to BBQ