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BBQ Culture

Blog June 23 2010


Aussiebarbie.com.au and boys Can cook donated a couple of raffle prizes to the recent Rugby Union players Association lunch.

aussiebarbie cooks for world’s best chefs


Clearly nothing frightens me having just cooked a barbie for two of the world’s great chefs.


10 Commandments of BBQ

1. Thou shalt not cook when you’re cold

Always bring meat back to room temperature so it cooks evenly

How Not to BBQ

Aussiebarbie on A Current Affair - Christmas BBQ

April 21 2010

It is great to see successful people giving something back to those less fortunate. I spent Tuesday lunchtime with some of the Waratahs rugby stars and some homeless men from Mission Australia.

Feb 11, 2010

I thought the BBQ business was supposed to quieten down after Australia Day.

Kimbo's Blog - July 09

We’re in the back half of winter with spring just around the corner. That’s when a lot of people dust off their barbies and throw on some steaks and bangers to watch the footy finals.

Kimbo's Blog - Aug 09

Special Weekend

Kimbo's Blog - June 09

Someone asked me the other day if cooking a Wagyu steak was any different from cooking any other steak on the barbie. My answer was ‘yes and no’.