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aussiebarbie cooks for world’s best chefs


Clearly nothing frightens me having just cooked a barbie for two of the world’s great chefs.


Sebastian Bras from Michel Bras restaurant in France is one of the top handful of chefs in the world and is out here for the Sydney International Food Festival. He cooked an amazing eight course meal at Quay, rated Australia’s top restaurant, with a lot of support from chef Peter Gilmore and his team.


So between the Quay dinner (a snip at $500 a person, but worth every penny) and a thank you dinner at Tetsuya’s the next night, yours truly had the pleasure of turning the steaks once and not poking the bangers for lunch at Quay boss, John Fink’s beachside home in Sydney. 


Just a dozen or so fantastic chefs; not intimidating at all. 


Peter insisted on sourcing the produce and arrived with a couple of whole sirloins of Ranger’s Valley 300 day grain fed beef that had been dry aged for another 60 days. So all I really had to do was not screw up magnificent produce.


We seared and then slow cooked one sirloin and cut the other into thick steaks that we cooked simply over high heat and rested.


It’s very handy to have the chef from the best restaurant in the land bring ‘the salads’ to a barbecue. Amazing baby kipfer potato salad, mesclun perfectly dressed, baby radishes, double peeled broad beans and blanched asparagus and a bearnaise that would make a strong man weep - apparently it is better manners to place a dollop on your meat than to eat it with a spoon like soup.


The meat was extraordinary, the company terrific and the professional boys were very complimentary about their amateur chum. Just shows that all you need for a great barbecue is some top quality produce and to keep things simple.