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Kimbo's Blog - July 09

We’re in the back half of winter with spring just around the corner. That’s when a lot of people dust off their barbies and throw on some steaks and bangers to watch the footy finals.

But you can barbecue in winter and cook delicious winter-y food. A good place to start would be a leg of lamb or a nice piece of beef, maybe topside or even brisket, essentially baked by cooking them with the lid down. The trap for young players is thinking that you can put even the lowest heat directly under the baking tray. You can’t. This is the voice of experience. You will burn the bum out of it. Turn on the gas jets either side on a six burner barbie or on the other side to the baking tray on a four burner. If you want to grill instead of bake, think about a lovely thick (I mean really thick, like over a kilo) slice of rump, charred dark brown on the outside and very pink inside, then sliced across the grain to share. Get your butcher to butterfly a leg of lamb evenly for you so there aren’t any parts too much thicker than others and marinate it in some olive oil, garlic and rosemary or try the Butterflied Indian leg of lamb recipe in the Recipe section of this site. Then again, it’s never too cold just to throw a perfect piece of sirloin on a very hot barbecue, turn it once and open a good bottle of red.