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Kimbo's Blog - Jan 09

Happy new year, happy Australia Day, happy global economic bloody crisis (it’s still January and I’m sick of hearing about it already). I hope all you Aussie BBQers had a great break.

I managed a glorious week in a house right on the beach at North Avoca, booked by my wife, followed by a week in the cyclones and floods of Fiji booked by yours truly. It has been a long couple of weeks since.But onto more important things, like food. My new year’s resolution borrows from Brillat-Savarin, who was pretty good on the tooth and said: ‘… the limits to pleasure are neither known or fixed’. I’m with him; I want to spend the year eating even better than last year.On the barbie, its time for more experimentation. I want to get better at smoking. I want to get better at roasting big pieces of meat and I want to perfect cooking those delicious secondary cuts like beef brisket. I also want to play with different cuisines, from Morocco to Thailand, from Japan to Mexico. I am about to finish writing and photographing a swag of new recipes for the aussiebarbie.com.au so keep an eye out.Restaurant wise I have already enjoyed Neil Perry’s new Spice Temple a couple of times, though be warned the food can be seriously hot. On the subject of hot, I’m busting to try the new Spice I Am at Darlinghurst – I’ll report back next blog.The cricket team mightn’t be what it was, but it is still summer so pick up those tongs, grab a great piece of meat and go forth and barbecue.Have a great year.