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Kimbo's Blog - Dec 08

Not rest for the wicked! Rushing around pre-Christmas but still finding time for a lunch or two

Things are supposed to be winding down but nothing could be further from the truth - happily. One more of my Boys Can Cook classes in Sydney this Saturday then they’re put to bed until the end of January. We’re planning barbecue classes for the new year in Sydney to start with and selling plenty of gift vouchers. I’m still doing the tail end of the promotion for the launch of The Great Aussie Bloke’s Cookbook. Plus we’re shooting the third book in the series every day next week and the Monday of Christmas week; just the modest nine shots a day. I don’t quite know how I manage to squeeze in a few cold drinks and a decent meal or six. Uccello at the Ivy for lunch on Friday was crazy – complete with a couple of models preening themselves by the pool all afternoon for the benefit of all us old fat bastards sitting there buying more expensive wine and enjoying the view. I’m also eating a lot at my mates Barry and Jamie McDonald’s Fratelli Fresh restaurants- fantastic simple Italian food. It is definitely the time to have the barbie out and well and truly in action. Now is when you should have a bit of a practice for the trickier dishes for Christmas day or just throw on a steak or some lamb cutlets and liberate a bottle of good red. I’ve decided December is pinot month at Chez Terakes this year- unless I run out in which case it can revert to shiraz month.