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10 Commandments of BBQ

1. Thou shalt not cook when you’re cold

Always bring meat back to room temperature so it cooks evenly

2. Thou shall rest after barbecueing

You can rest later, but a steak needs a few minutes somewhere warm for the juices to settle back in the fibres of the meat- longer for roasts

3. Thou shalt not torture the steaks

Turn your steak once, not twice and certainly not twenty times if you want a nice caramelised crust on it

4. Thou shalt not poke the sausages

Spearing the sausages not only dries them out, but lets the fat onto the naked flame so they turn to charcoal

5. Thou shalt clean the hotplate

Just because the hotplate gets very hot, it doesn’t mean that the layer of grease, insects and worse from your last barbie will disappear

6. Thou shalt not poison the guests

Don’t put cooked meat back on the plate that it came to the barbecue on raw; the same applies to putting uncooked leftover marinade on cooked meat

7. Thou shalt eat wonderful food

Just because it’s ‘only a barbecue’ is not an excuse to eat third rate produce- buy the best you can afford and enjoy its quality

8. Thou shalt not feed fat to the char grill

Cooking fatty meats like chops on the grill makes sense because the fat runs out , but it catches fire and incinerates the meat- cook your chops on the hotplate first and finish them on the char grill

9. Thou shalt think bigger than steaks and bangers

Try dishes from around the world and have a go at slow cooking, dry rubs and smoking

10. Thou shalt enjoy yourself

What else could you do at an aussie barbie?